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Oneita De Brady

Clinically Trained & Macro BA, MSW

Patient Navigator

Trauma Healing Facilitator & Advocate

As a professional with a background in medical and clinical social work, trauma healing facilitation, healthcare administration, and ministry, I am committed to providing compassionate care and support to individuals and communities in need. My diverse skill set and experience enable me to offer expert guidance and assistance to those seeking to heal and thrive after trauma or recent crises. I am here to provide the highest level of engagement, support and person-centered care.

Key Experiences

From Past to Present


Clinical Social Work

Serenity Safe Haven Outpatient Clinic

Philadelphia, PA

Graduate Intern Counselor | 2018


As an outpatient clinical counselor, I worked with a diverse range of clients to help them overcome their mental health challenges. I provided a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings, and worked collaboratively with them to develop personalized treatment plans. Through my work, I helped many individuals achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.


Trauma Healing Facilitator Training

Virtual App Training & Certification

Trauma Healing Institute | 2024


Training & Certification

Trauma Healing Institute via The Marriage Techs | 2022

As a professional faith-based trauma healing facilitator, I recognize the significance of creating a secure and nurturing space for individuals to recover from past traumas. Employing a blend of empirically-supported techniques and spiritual guidance, I am dedicated to assisting my clients in finding solace and rejuvenation. Whether grappling with anxiety, depression, or the aftermath of a traumatic experience, I am committed to providing unwavering support on the path to healing and restoration.


Macro Social Work | Programs

Temple University School of Social Work, Social Services Annex

Philadelphia, PA 

Graduate Student Intern | 2019 - 2020


As a graduate student, our team designed and developed a multifaceted student outreach program that demanded meticulous planning and execution. It entailed identifying the unique needs of the community, establishing clear goals and objectives, and designing interventions that effectively addressed their needs. Led by graduate students, we sought to institute evidence-based programs that improved the academic experience of each student served, with the goal of university retention.


Graduate Research

Temple University College of Public Health

Philadelphia, PA

Graduate Research Assistant | 2019

In this graduate research, we explored the importance of critical reflection of self in the field. Through examining various case studies and personal experiences using 360 panoramic technology, we analyzed the impact of self-reflection on professional growth and development, as well as our impact on the client. By end of this research, we provided valuable insights and recommendations for individuals seeking to enhance their self-awareness and improve their performance in their respective fields.




Arlington, VA

Surgical Scheduler | 2023

As a professional OB/GYN Surgical Scheduler, we focused on delivering exceptional care to our patients. Our team was committed to ensuring that all surgical procedures are scheduled with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, while prioritizing patient safety and comfort. We worked collaboratively with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care possible. 

DeBrady Medical Associates 

Philadelphia, PA

Office Manager | 2017-2023

As a medical office manager, I held the pivotal position of ensuring the seamless functioning of the clinic. My role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, from supervising staff to overseeing patient care. With extensive knowledge and leadership skills, I was able to establish a welcoming and efficient environment that caters to the needs of both patients and staff.

Jefferson University Inter-Professional Student Hotspotting Learning Collaborative

Philadelphia, PA

Social Work Patient Navigator | 2019 - 2020

As a medical social work patient navigator, my role was to provide patients with comprehensive support and guidance throughout their healthcare journey, and to assist them with a range of services, from accessing resources to managing chronic illnesses and coping with difficult diagnoses. My goal was to empower patients to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, and to ensure that they receive the highest quality care possible. 



Partnered with various ministries and non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia Tri-State area | 2000-2015

Youth Ministry. As a youth ministry leader, I had the privilege of working with young people during a pivotal time in their lives. It was an honor to guide them through their spiritual journeys and help them develop into confident, compassionate individuals. I am grateful for the memories and experiences I gained during my time in this role.

Women's Ministry. As a women's ministry leader, I had the privilege of serving and empowering women in my community. Through organizing events, leading Bible studies, providing mentorship, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of women coming together to support and uplift one another. It was an honor be a part of such a meaningful and impactful ministry.

Outreach Ministry. As an outreach ministry leader, I was responsible for organizing and leading various outreach programs in the community. During my time in this role, I worked closely with volunteers to plan events, coordinate logistics, and ensure that each program was executed successfully. Through these efforts, we were able to make a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and families in need.


Public Speaking

For various organizations, churches and non-profit organizations

During various events, conferences, lectures, and virtual platforms, I covered a wide range of topics, from faith-based discussions to trauma-focused healing, have highlighted community initiatives and shared insights on graduate studies completed while at Temple University. 


Public Relations & Marketing

For various organizations, churches and non-profits

Established and maintain positive business relationships on behalf of new businesses, non-profits, and community leaders with the broader community as well as potential investors and key stakeholders.

Completed tasks including:

Relationship Building

Event Planning

Public Speaking

Content Creation

Event Planning

Public Speaking

Social Media Management

Brand Management

positive relationships between their clients and the public, which includes customers, media, investors, and the broader community.

Her Story

Reflections of Friends

Despite facing significant hardships and trauma, Oneita has refused to allow her past define her. Instead, she pursued training and skills to help others who have experienced similar things. Her unwavering determination and compassion are truly inspiring, and we are honored to know her.

She is a true warrior who has overcome incredible challenges and turned her pain into purpose. She has created spaces for others to thrive and spoke life into dead places in their hearts. Her passion for making a difference is contagious.

Her story is one of resilience and hope. She never gave up on her dreams of helping others. Her courage and compassion are truly remarkable.

We are in awe of her strength and determination... she never lost sight of her goal to help others... able to bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the human spirit.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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